By Jack Sisk
As of February 21, 2008

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The Living Insights Center honors each person’s right to see Reality as he or she chooses, and honors every religious and spiritual tradition. The following pages present a brief summary of some of my personal views of Existence, and they are not the views of The Living Insights Center. I hope you’ll find them beneficial, even where your own views are different. I make no claim that these views are accurate for anyone else but me, and I unequivocally honor your right to have your own views. Reality is what it is, and it exceeds human comprehension, so no one’s views can capture it perfectly.

First of all, I unequivocally honor each person as a divine creation, a divine embodiment. We are all students in the same school of life, and each of us can teach things to every other person. Every individual deserves and has my respect.

In my work, I constantly find that each individual’s experiences and views of reality are unique. It could hardly be otherwise, of course, given that we are individual consciousnesses experiencing different bodies, relationships, histories, and environments. There are, of course, belief systems that have many adherents. Even so, the way each individual experiences and understands reality in the context of those beliefs is and must be unique. Time and time again, I’ve learned that my experiences of reality have expanded in ways I never thought possible. Time and time again, I’ve learned that others’ views have accurately described reality in ways I’d not previously recognized. Time and time again, I’ve been impressed by the sincerity with which people describe experiences that do not correspond with the experiences I’ve had - even when in the same room. Could a “God” that created such a diversity of human beings and human experiences really have created only a single true way to interpret those experiences? I doubt it. Therefore, I bow to you and cherish your own experience. Likewise, I bow to each of you as one of my teachers.

Also, I make no claim that I am “enlightened.”  I only know - or think I know - what I know now. My views reflect my experiences to date, and they’ve changed over time and almost certainly will continue to evolve.

I am dedicated to assisting all beings in their spiritual lives, and hope that this writing will be helpful to at least some people.

I always welcome feedback and dialogue, and hope you’ll share your views with me.